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In November 2022 I became interested in fighting games and quickly decided I didn't like playing on a traditional controller. My solution was to design and build a custom fightstick.

For this project, I learned basic 3d modeling and printing techniques to make the chassis. I also learned to solder to wire the buttons to an Arduino, and some basic coding to ensure the controller emulated an Xbox 360 controller properly.

The result is a tiny fightstick for a fraction of the cost of a hitbox. There is still plenty of room for improvements in its design, so I hope soon to release a version 2 to the public so people can build their own.

Dungeons & Dragons 
The Olsria Campaign

I've been playing Dungeons and Dragons since 2003, when I was introduced to it at summer camp. In the 20+ years since I've enjoyed writing and running the game for my friends.

It's an excellent creative outlet, letting me touch on many disciplines at once. My latest completed campaign was an homage to gothic horror and video games like Castlevania, Darkest Dungeon, and Dark Souls. I made maps of the areas and designed mechanics, weapons, and enemies that would complement my group's playstyle and the mood I was trying to convey.

Storytelling is perhaps my greatest passion and I love the strange format of a tabletop RPG that lets me both tell any story I want and be forced to take players' actions into account.

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